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An Introduction to Eurosafe Plus

Eurosafe PlusEurosafe Plus offers clients a reliable reactive asbestos related service using carefully selected locally sourced partners working under the Eurosafe brand. Plus services are aimed to simplify client’s access to professional asbestos services ensuring compliance and value is delivered. Where asbestos works are necessary in addition to the asbestos services, Plus can also manage re-instatement to ensure that the works impact is reduced for the clients premises.

Where required Plus use the existing Eurosafe UK resources, but will also partner with other professional companies throughout the whole of the UK.  By working with Plus clients will experience a responsive service which is managed by the Eurosafe team, ensuring that the high standard of service is maintained. When a partner of Eurosafe Plus is used, they will be working to our instruction so that they carry out the work to our standards, forwarding all required information to us so that we may update clients records accordingly.

Eurosafe Plus also offers management of asbestos remedial works, through our procurement of asbestos services from the start to completion of the project. Whilst not undertaking the asbestos works ourselves, Eurosafe Plus only utilises tried and tested industry approved, licensed asbestos removal contractors. Our independent position allows us to offer clients unbiased advice combined with our knowledge of asbestos legislation, working practices and correct procedures.

The contractors we partner with are prequalified for competency via our S.S.I.P accredited CDM Competent scheme.  The list of partners and contractors that we are using are relatively small so that we are able to constantly manage and monitor their individual performances.


Company Name: Eurosafe Plus Ltd
Company Number: 10390505
Services Provided: · Assessment of existing asbestos documentation
· Production of a company specific Asbestos Management Plan
· Hosting of asbestos surveys and management of ACM’s via The Cloud
· Training needs analysis and delivery
· Surveys as deemed necessary to plug the gaps where the portfolio is non-compliant
· Management of asbestos remedial works
· Arranging air monitoring
· Principal Designer role
· Procurement  of Asbestos remedial works
· Project Management of asbestos projects
· Reinstatement works following  removal of ACM’s
· Updating asbestos records following remedial works
· Arranging and subcontracting asbestos surveys
· Preparation of Land Remediation tax figures to claim enhanced tax relief up to 150%
· Expert witness and competent advisor
· Emergency response throughout the UK

For more information about how Eurosafe UK can assist you, please contact our team on 01904 691515 or

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