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Asbestos: Appointed Person Training

Duration: 1 day

Target Group: With the introduction of HSG 264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide, a key legal requirement is the duty to designate an Appointed Person to manage asbestos issues within a clients property portfolio. This training is designed to prepare an individual who is appointed to this new role. The course provides both regulatory and legal advise as well as practical solutions to managing asbestos within the property portfolio effectively and safely.

Aims: This training is designed to prepare individuals for their duties as an Appointed Person under the new guidance.

Course Content:To help comply with the legal requirements and to ensure that ACMs in premises are properly managed, duty holders need to identify a person (and in some cases a deputy) within their organisation who will be responsible for that management. An appointed person will be essential where the dutyholder has a large or complex building portfolio. The appointed person will need the resources, skills, training and authority to ensure that the ACMs are managed effectively. An individual who is given this important role may feel that they need additional training and support. Eurosafe UK provide bespoke training, on a one on one basis if required, to assist them in undertaking their role. This training can be over any number of days and can involve attendance on site to demonstrate certain activities within the asbestos industry to give them a greater understanding of asbestos issues. In general our course will cover:

  • Introduction – Why manage asbestos?
  • Defining The Duty to Manage
  • Legislative requirements
  • Information gathering
  • Types, risks and locations of ACMs
  • The surveys and their use
  • The survey report and register
  • Use of the survey report
  • Dealing with your ACMs
  • Working with ACMs
  • Information, instruction and training.

Why have this training?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 4 states: The dutyholder’s legal responsibilities cannot be delegated, but dutyholders can nominate others to do all or part of the work to assist in complying with the duties. When the appointed person nominates others to assist them with complying with their duty to manage they need to be confident that suitable competency checks are made by accredited and competent assessors. Eurosafe CDM services run an IOSH approved and SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) scheme, CDM Competent which enables our clients to appoint their construction and asbestos service providers with confidence.

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