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Assessment of existing documentation

Many client organisations have undertaken a comprehensive programme of undertaking asbestos surveys to locate where asbestos is within their premises. They are often surprised to find that the surveys they use do not meet with current standards.

In January 2010 the asbestos industry saw the introduction of an important guidance document: HSG 264 ‘Asbestos: The survey guide. This document replaced and expanded upon the old standard MDHS 100, ‘Surveying, sampling and assessment of asbestos containing materials’.

HSG 264 is aimed both at people who carry out asbestos surveys and persons with specific responsibilities for managing asbestos in non domestic properties.  HSG 264 covers competence, quality assurance and surveying: including survey planning, survey approach, survey reporting and the duty holders use of the survey information.

Surveys undertaken to the old standards may have a number of shortfalls, with one of the main shortfalls being the fact that there are areas of the premises not surveyed, and surveys undertaken by non UKAS accredited surveyors/surveying practices. Whilst there is no current requirement by law to use only UKAS accredited surveyors there is a strong recommendation from the HSE to do so. If UKAS accredited companies are used then the clients duty to ascertain the competency of the surveyors before awarding them the task is largely satisfied.

Eurosafe will ascertain if the survey meets with current standards and make recommendations following the assessment of what is required to plug any gaps.

These survey assessments are also very important when acquiring properties into your portfolio. You should know if the survey that has been given to you by the outgoing property owner informs you of any possible expensive asbestos issues; either in turns of remedial works or management costs.

If your whole duty to manage process relies on the suitability of the survey then your starting point is surely to make sure the survey is suitable for your use.  It doesn’t matter if its thousands of surveys to assess or just the one Eurosafe have the in house expertise to assess your documentation.

We can also assess your Asbestos Policy to ensure that all parties within your organisation have written responsibilities: from the Appointed Person to the Human Resources Officer.

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