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Face Fitting

Eurosafe UK provide qualitative face fitting testing for individuals who must wear close fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) i.e. face masks. Such RPE is issued as a control measure to protect employees from hazardous or nuisance respirable substances and employers have a duty to ensure that their employees have a face fit test to confirm that the RPE fits them and is therefore adequate to use.

The COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations, Control of Asbestos Regulations, Control of Lead at Works Regulations and the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations apply here, with COSHH, CAR and CLAW including specific requirements for face fit testing to be carried out. Face fit testing should be conducted by a competent person in accordance with HSE Operational Circular HSE 282/28.

Face FittingAnnual repeat testing may be required where RPE is used as primary means of controlling exposure or when a user gains or loses a significant amount of weight or undergoes dental surgery.

Qualitative face fit testing (QLFT) uses either a bitter tasting substance (Bitrex) or a sweet
substance (Saccharine) to challenge the face seal whilst the wearer undertakes seven exercises (in a hood to contain the test substance). If after the seven exercises, the candidate has not detected (tasted) the test substance, then that is regarded as a pass and a fit factor of 100 is assigned. (It is part of the protocol that at the end of the test, the candidate is required to break the seal to demonstrate how effective the seal has been).

If a wearer fails qualitative face fit testing and where several types of mass are selected for the testing, the individual may then be required to have quantitative face fit testing. If the wearer fails quantitative face fit testing fit then a loose fit option, where the hood does not require a seal to be formed is likely to be recommended.

Prices start from £35 + vat per person.

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