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Preparation of Asbestos Summary Sheets

Eurosafe UK have worked closely with our clients to give them workable solutions to meet with the requirements of the Duty to Manage and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

One of the requirements of the regulations is to give information, instruction and training to employees. This information would need to be suitable for the task the employee is undertaking. The manager on site needs to have some knowledge of the dangers associated with asbestos. They must also inform each employee of the locations where there are known ACM’s with the instruction that the material must not be damaged or disturbed.

Eurosafe UK Summary SheetsWe generate bespoke designed summary sheets which are placed in the clients premises to assist users of the building to know where asbestos is, instruct them to not disturb the materials and the subsequent emergencies procedures to adopt in the event of the identified ACM’s being disturbed. Each sheet dovetails in with the individual asbestos management plan for the site.

The summary sheets can also give the staff information on what instances may reveal asbestos containing materials that have not been found in the type of survey undertaken, e.g. a break in, vandalism, abrasive cleaning tasks, fires etc.

Client organisations who have adopted the summary sheets have identified various locations on site to place the sheets and these include within the signing in book or displayed on the Health and Safety Information Notice Board.

Keeping the on-site asbestos summary sheets current and relevant is important and this can be achieved by the checking of the version displayed on site against any on line asbestos register or communicated asbestos survey report. This check can be undertaken externally via an internal process check or externally when the inspection of the ACM’s is undertaken by a suitably qualified and competent inspector/surveyor. (Eurosafe UK offer these inspections; known as MRA’s – Management Re-inspection Audits. Please ask for more details relating to this service).

It is advisable to incorporate the asbestos summary sheet into the new employees induction process to ensure an individual employee has always been made aware of the summary sheet and the location of any known ACM’s.

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