CDM Consultants and Asbestos Surveyors

Reinspection of ACMs

As part of the Duty to Manage asbestos client organisations are required to ensure that regular periodic inspections of identified ACMs are undertaken in accordance with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Eurosafe UK are proud to boast of what we believe to be one of the most sophisticated and developed asbestos management re-inspection databases in the country. The database which runs this function has been built in house and as such allows us to interrogate the data to produce bespoke reports to align with our clients specific drives. As a standard, the database will generate a programme of due/projected inspections. These periodic inspections have been set in line with the requirements of legislation, or as required by a client. The database also indicates very clearly any inspections that have not been undertaken, therefore allowing investigation into reasons behind failed inspections. The client is kept informed and asked to be proactive towards finding a solution with Eurosafe UK to gain access upon a revisit to site.

All of our MRA surveyors are qualified to a minimum of P402 (Proficiency Module P402 – Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings). There have been many discussions about the competency of people who undertake these inspections, for example building surveyors are generally untrained in respect of any ACM assessment. UKAS have spoken about their preference to only have asbestos inspected by P402 trained and UKAS accredited companies. Eurosafe UK hold UKAS accreditation for both surveying and undertaking re-inspection audits. Therefore, any client appointing Eurosafe UK can be confident that they have a company that has been monitored and assessed periodically by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

Unlike many companies who undertake condition inspections of asbestos, Eurosafe UK will telephone from site to make the client aware of any issues. These issues may relate to the surveyor not being allowed to survey some of the materials by an obstructive manager’ even though an appointment was made for the visit. If we need to return to inspect the material on another day then the client could sustain an abortive cost. We do what we can to ensure we get access so you don’t incur additional fees.

Also, If our surveyors turn up at site and find damaged materials which are causing, or have the potential to cause, a risk to health (a contamination) our trained personnel will stay at the site until they know all necessary parties have been informed of the serious issue and signage is in place to stop people from entering the area. They will stress that they should not occupy the area again until they have been notified formally by senior management within their own organisation that it is safe to re-enter the area.

As required within HSG 264, all Eurosafe UK MRA’s include inspection of recent known removals. This involves surveying the area and reporting that the material is no longer there. If there is any residual asbestos in the area where removal should have been undertaken we will report this to the client so that the contractor and analyst involved can return to site to complete the task.

Should an ACM require remedial works, recommendations are made and – dependent on the client’s instructions – Eurosafe Plus arranges any works required.

Our database will produce a report for the client showing what asbestos remediation is required within their portfolio. All such required remediation is presented with the most urgent remediation showing first. Lower risk remediation shows on the report as well.

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