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Health & Safety Policy

Under the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 employers must develop a health and safety policy.  Where an employer employs 5 or more persons the policy must be recorded in writing.

The importance of having a compliant health and safety policy cannot be overstated.If your documentation is right it will help minimise risks to your staff and any supply chain in the work they do.The health and safety policy is a statement of the company’s philosophy on health and safety management and should contain information on who will do what and how to ensure the health and safety of employees and others.

Health and Safety Policy

As part of our Health and Consultancy business Eurosafe UK can develop or assist in the development of a health and safety policy and where required development of a detailed safety management system.  Also we can do an annual review of the policy and/or safety management system to ensure policies and procedures stay up to date with latest legislation and best practice.

Policies are generally split into three sections:

  • Statements of general policy on health and safety at work
  • Responsibilities section – This section sets out who is responsible for specific actions.
  • Arrangements section – This section details what you are going to do in practice to achieve the aims set out in your statement of health and safety policy. This will include information on how you are going to eliminate or reduce the risks or hazards in your work place.

Actions could include staff training, using signs to highlight risks, use of PPE/RPE and safety equipment, anti-slip flooring and many other factors. By following this simple model and applying it to your business Eurosafe UK can ensure you have a policy that fits your needs.

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