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Method Statements

When higher risk activities are required where risk assessment alone is not enough often a Safety Method Statement will be required. The Safety Method Statement takes the details of the risk assessment and the requirements of the job and creates a step by step method for completing the task(s) safely.Method Statement

The safety method statement describes a logical sequence showing exactly how a job is to be carried out in a safe manner without risks to health. It includes all the risks identified in the risk assessment and the measures needed to control those risks. This allows the job to be properly planned and resourced. Safety method statements are most often found in the construction sector.

They are particularly helpful for:

  • Higher-risk, complex or unusual work.
  • Providing information to employees about how the work should be done and the precautions to take.
  • Providing the Principal Contractor with information to develop the health and safety plan for the construction phase of a project.

Where assistance is required developing safety method statements one of our team of Health and Safety Consultants will have an understanding of the job or task and any relating site constraints and interfaces. The Consultant will then develop a step by step method statement and issue the draft to the client for review. The client will be asked to add any technical details associated with the work. Safety method statements can be developed in a particular clients format where required.

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