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The Legal Bits

The 2015 CDM Regulations have now removed the role of the CDM Coordinator in its entirety.  The duty to compile the Health and Safety File now rests with the Principal Designer. Eurosafe UK have an experienced team of Health and Safety File coordinators. We are able to assist the Principal Designer by producing your Health and Safety Files in several recognised formats, with branding and colours of your choice.

Under Regulation 12 of the Regulations the Principal Designer has a legal duty to:

  • 12(5) during the pre-construction phase prepare a health and safety file appropriate to the characteristics of the project which must contain information relating to the project which is likely to be needed during any subsequent projects to ensure the health and safety of any person.
  • 12(6) ensure that the health and safety file is appropriately reviewed, updated and revised from time to time to take account of the work and any changes that have occurred.
  • 12(10) at the end of the project pass the completed health and safety file to the client.

Clearly these duties relating to the Health and Safety File will be totally new to all Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers who did not undertake the role of CDM Coordinator under the 2007 CDM Regulations, or the role of Planning Supervisor under the 1994 version.

Health & Safety FilesWho Trusts Us

Eurosafe UK have carried out our own research into the appetite amongst the design professions to produce this important legal document.  Out of 80 designers approached only two felt confident of having the time, resources and skills to complete the Health and Safety File if they were to be appointed as the Principal Designer!

Whilst potentially this issue appears to be a real problem for designers the good news is that the Principal Designer can outsource this task to a competent third party organisation.

At Eurosafe UK we have been producing health and safety files since the first set of CDM Regulations were introduced in the mid-nineties. Over the last 20 years we have produced over 10,000 health and safety files for numerous client organizations that include:

  • Retailers: Next, William Hill, TK Maxx, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors
  • Restaurants: Pizza Express, Ask, Zizzi, Byron Burgers, GBK, Las Iguanas
  • Developers: Telereal Trillium, O & H Properties, Semperian
  • Sports/venues: Earls Court Olympia, Nike, Arsenal AFC, Glasgow Rangers AFC
  • Pubs/Bars: Punch Taverns, Spirit Pub Company, Drake and Morgan
  • Housing: Affinity Sutton Group, Berkeley Deveer, Ashyanna Housing

We are therefore ideally placed to assist all Principal Designers with this onerous and time-consuming duty.


Eurosafe UK already have a ten-strong team of health and safety file coordinators; and we are expanding this to cope with the anticipated increase in workload following the introduction of the CDM Regulations 2015.  Our extensive technical library ensures that we can avoid the arduous task of chasing contractors for standard maintenance literature for inclusion in the health and safety file.

With our experience we are able to produce your health and safety file in several recognised formats; for example:

  • Traditional paper format in professionally produced lever arch folders with branding and a colour of your choice
  • CD ROM electronic format with branding as required
  • Memory stick
  • Online hosting on your own or your clients server
  • Online on our own Cloud server, which can be branded as your own if required
  • Online interactive file that allows the end user to manage their future compliance issues via the internet.

Our portal enables quick and easy transfer and compilation of documents for the File.

Health & Safety File ProductionHow It All Works

The process of working with you is very simple and can be completed by following 7 steps:

Step 1. As early as possible you advise us of a project and provide us with initial drawings and also an overview of what the aim of the project is.  This initial brief should include advising who the key parties are and also detail what the extent of the mechanical and electrical works is.

Step 2.  We will appraise the information and send to you a list of documentation that we feel should be included in the health and safety file.  We then agree the format of the health and safety file with you, and also the number of copies required. At this stage we will also submit a fee proposal.

Step 3. You confirm that our list is correct or you add/remove certain documents as required.

Step 4. You advise us when a Principal Contractor is appointed, and also of the proposed start and finish date.

Step 5. Once the project starts on site we commence the compilation of the health and safety file information. To assist us we would require a copy of the Principal Contractors programme so that we can chase the right people at the right time.

Step 6. Throughout the project we will contact the various designers and contractors and request information for inclusion in the health and safety file.

Step 7.  As soon as possible after completion of the project on site we will issue the health and safety file to either yourself or if you wish to your client directly.  Please note that it is usually the case that key documentation for inclusion in the file is not always immediately available upon completion.  For example electrical testing and air conditioning commissioning is often completed at handover, or even during the snagging period.

For more information about how Eurosafe UK can assist you, please contact our team on 01904 691515 or

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