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Construction Site Inspection

Eurosafe UK undertake Site Safety Inspections for and on behalf of Clients, Principal Contractors & Contractors.

The CDM Regulations 2015 detail specifically under Regulation 4 duties of a Client in relation to managing projects.  The Regulations set out the Client’s duty to make suitable and sufficient arrangements for managing a project, maintaining and reviewing these arrangements so the project is undertaken in such a way that manages the health and safety risks.

A key requirement for the Client is to ensure the arrangements that are in place for welfare facilities are adequate and suitable in line with Schedule 2 of the L153 guidance document.

Many Clients ask Eurosafe UK to attend the site within the initial few days of setting up site. Our assistance ensures that all the necessary documentation is in place and that the site welfare conditions are set up in accordance to legislation.

Construction Site Inspection

At strategic phases of the project we may be asked to attend site again or routinely visit throughout the duration of the works to ensure standards are being maintained and a safe working environment is present on site.

The CDM Regulations 2015 also detail specifically under Regulation 13 duties of a Principal Contractor in relation to health and safety at the construction stage: one of which is the requirement to plan, manage, and monitor the construction phase.  Regulation 15 also has a similar duty placed on contractors to ensure work is carried out without risks to health & safety.

Eurosafe UK have a vast amount of experience of working with Client organisations and contractors to provide safety related advice on site and discussing with site management issues that may need to be rectified using a common sense approach and keeping the Principal Contractor on the right side of their legal duties along with duties of others who may be working on their particular projects.

The Eurosafe team are highly qualified with all site inspectors having undertaken the NEBOSH Construction Certificate and other industry recognised training along with the relevant experience to help you fulfil your obligations to all operatives on site.

The inspection is fully encompassing and looks at the following areas in detail:

  • Site Documentation
  • Welfare/ First Aid/ RIDDOR
  • Fire Precautions / Emergency procedures
  • PPE arrangements on site
  • Site security/Protection of the public & Staff
  • Traffic management and general access / egress
  • Electricity / Lighting
  • Site tidiness / storage
  • Work at height
  • Plant/ machinery / equipment
  • Occupational health
  • Demolition / Excavation
  • Asbestos abatement / Confined Spaces
  • Training / Competence

The inspector will complete an inspection report on their electronic device which will detail items which are compliant and also items which are partially compliant and non – compliant.  The findings of the report are discussed with the Site Manager along with a call to the Client to ensure all are fully aware of any items that require further attention from them and a PDF report is issued to all relevant parties see example below:

Eurosafe UK Inspection ReportDownload Now

The report that is issued also includes an observations section and photos and is a wholly transparent process where all of the items being looked at are issued with the final report see example:

Eurosafe UK Inspection Report ObservationsDownload Now

We always attend site without prior notice so that we can report on the true condition of the site, these visits can be targeted around higher risk activities on site as well to ensure compliance with the risk assessments and method statements   for such tasks. This enables you the Client / Contractor to see how successful his health and safety climate is on your particular projects.  The reports can be used to identify particular trends and traits and highlight where further training or focus maybe required for contractors working on your sites.

The external site inspection demonstrates a key buy in by the Client / Contractor and can be viewed by external enforcing authorities and auditing companies that health and safety is high on your agenda.  It is also a way of showing contractors who are bidding for your work that you engage in proactive monitoring and at the outset they can consider this during tender exercises.

Proactive monitoring is a great method of prevention by identifying things early and getting it right first time.

Good safety risk management and health & safety is not just extra paperwork – it is good business… it’s a culture that should be adopted to reduce (or mitigate) the risk of accidents or death.

For more information about how Eurosafe UK can assist you, please contact our team on 01904 691515 or

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