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Supply Chain Management/Contractor Pre-qualification

Supply Chain Management
Under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 there is a requirement for anybody employing or engaging a supplier to carry out construction work to take reasonable steps to ensure they have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil the role.

Many clients use a third party health and safety assessment scheme to assess the organisational capability of businesses they intend to engage. Eurosafe UK undertake these contractor pre-qualification exercises via our CDM Competent Scheme.

Eurosafe UK were one of the first members of the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Forum – an umbrella body supported by the HSE which ensures that all members recognise each other’s schemes. Our CDM Competent Scheme is audited by SSIP to ensure we comply with stringent HSE recognised criteria and PAS 91.

Safety Schemes In Procurement

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By using a third party assessment scheme to manage your supply chain and carry out ‘Stage 1’ assessments you will save time and resources, allowing you to concentrate on the more job specific ‘Stage 2’ assessment – basically checking they have skills and experience in the type of work you intend to engage them to undertake.

Why are we different?

Eurosafe aim to integrate with our client’s team offering them a whole list of complimentary services; CDM Consultancy, Site Safety Inspections etc. CDM Competent is the first step in assessing a suppliers’ competency. Using our other services alongside CDM Competent allows clients to monitor contractor’s working practices on site, the designers risk management processes and many other aspects of CDM 2015 compliance.

Rather than completing numerous questionnaires when tendering for work, use our CDM Competent Scheme. After completing our assessment and gaining SSIP member scheme accreditation, you are able to evidence to all clients that you have met the core criteria, recognised by the HSE. You can use your CDM Competent assessment to obtain mutual recognition with other assessment schemes, saving you time and money. Any supplier who has been successfully assessed by an SSIP member scheme will appear on the SSIP Portal (

The portal provides a free search facility to verify whether a business has undergone an assessment by one of the SSIP member schemes.

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