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Procurement of Asbestos Services and Project Management

The Eurosafe Plus scheme is designed to offer clients a complete asbestos removal and remediation service. Our independent position allows us to offer clients unbiased advice combined with our knowledge of asbestos legislation, working practises and correct procedures.

The scheme is based on tried and tested SSIP approved licensed asbestos removal contractors and UKAS accredited analysts across the country. Eurosafe Plus agree final accounts for projects and certify payments to contractors and analysts on our clients’ behalf.

The scheme is attractive to contractors and analysts due to the large volume of work for the foreseeable future and the reassurance that members of the scheme are large, financially sound organisations who can guarantee payment.

Eurosafe Plus offers both a standard Procurement Service and Project Management to suit the size of the client’s project, whether the works are purely for compliance or for refurbishment works. Throughout the duration of the works Eurosafe Plus provide advice and guidance on all asbestos matters.

Procurement Service

The Procurement Service is largely run from Head Office and includes the following services;

  • Tendering of asbestos works to licensed asbestos removal contractors.
  • Review of tender returns to ensure compliance to provide to the client to approve.
  • Review contractor’s documentation prior to works commencing on site, including their method statement and risk assessment.
  • Review contractor’s completion documents and analyst air certificates.
  • Updating asbestos registers and upload to Clouds UK Ultimate Manager.
  • Approve final account prior to payment.
  • Uploading of all related documents to Clouds UK Ultimate Manager.

Project Management

As well as all the services provided within our Procurement package, our Project Management services include the following;

  • Production of specification of asbestos works for contractors to price from.
  • Management of closed electronic tender hosted on Clouds UK Ultimate Manager.
  • Escorting contractors on site for the tender process.
  • Attendance to pre-start meetings.
  • Assistance with the Principal Designer role.
  • Production of JCT contractors with the assistance of approved Partners.
  • Audits on contractors during the asbestos works.

If required Eurosafe Plus will also offer solutions to both isolations and re-instatement works that may be necessary as part of the scheme.

Furthermore by running a project and storing information on Clouds UK Ultimate Manager a project-specific diary of events becomes available, such as the uploading of documents such as ASB5 notifications, certificates of re-occupation and bulk sample results and recording who has accessed what information and when. The client can choose who has access to all information on the website.

This site is regularly updated to reflect new information in real-time, with asbestos reports being updated accordingly.

Benefits of Eurosafe Plus

Here are just some of the benefits that the Eurosafe Plus scheme has to offer:

  • Independent advice.
  • Knowledge of asbestos related legislation.
  • Knowledge of working practices associated with asbestos management.
  • A procurement process based on regional schedules of rate and day work rates.
  • Ongoing cost management based on firm procedures for valuing work and services provided by contractors.
  • Agreement of final accounts on behalf of the client organisations and certification of payment to the contractor.
  • Monitoring of asbestos waste – are you paying for another clients waste?
  • Updating of your registers.
  • Better planning and better budgeting.
  • Approved list of asbestos removal contractors.
  • Monitoring of contractors’ insurance levels.
  • Monitoring of contractors’ licenses.
  • Reporting of a contractors’ overall performance relating to the above points.

Overall we can promise you transparency.

Procurement of Asbestos Services

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